Road block – A poem

Sometimes, into your travels, comes a sacred road block. This kind is not meant to steer you off course – But to offer you a secret glimpse, Into the you, You are becoming. To witness your patience in embracing change. To embrace your strength, When faced with uncertainty. To grasp uncertainty – As an opportunityContinue reading “Road block – A poem”

A strong tower – A poem

When you hear news of troubles of all kinds. Of invisible dangers to mankind. Of this one thing, be sure: The Lord is a strong tower, He will not let your foot slip, He will cover you under his wings, So that: “You will not fear the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor theContinue reading “A strong tower – A poem”

The wilderness of our promise land – A poem

Moon Sun Two things that never fade; though they come and go. Stars Light Two things ‘though sometimes dim; also glow. Faith Truth Two things you already know, are bedrocks to hope for today and for tomorrow. Love, The one thing that revolves around the heart, like the sun and moon to the earth; Love,Continue reading “The wilderness of our promise land – A poem”

The elixir of a fresh start – A poem

Oceans of weariness engulf the trade winds of the mind. Once happy thoughts, like a lost ship, now difficult to find. In the teaming despair of a sea of stagnant sameness, The soul cries out for a new shore. Yet the feet are stuck in the quicksand of discontent. Only the elixir of a freshContinue reading “The elixir of a fresh start – A poem”