Camouflage – A Poem

Blue Jays and thrashers, first to dawn’s feast, As early morning skies pretend to be night. While a large fluffy brown hare motionless By a brick wall, attempts *Batesian mimicry, With the wall’s mirage of painted green grass. Then, to invisibility’s lantern the hare scurries To hide in plain sight, in the vestiges of night;Continue reading “Camouflage – A Poem”

Abundance of rain – A Poem

Drip, from above, O heavens, thy distilled refrain – The sound of the abundance of rain: An inner satiety that fills without food, Birthed from a ray of hope; a single word, A tattoo reminder on adversity’s parchment, A single word traversing ordeal’s escarpment, That, be the sound of the abundance of rain: Where seasonsContinue reading “Abundance of rain – A Poem”

Auto Correct – A Poem

My dear darling auto correct; Thy selfless typing materialize Words of puzzlement and tease. I type hello you answer “yellow.” I type jello, you answer, “hello.” I type rainbow you answer “boo.” Is my typing too spooky for you, Or, am I your one and only boo. Proving my devotion I type love, You immediatelyContinue reading “Auto Correct – A Poem”

Choppers – A Poem

A mixed bike of metaphors: famous choppers, Motorcycles and two wheelers; their Odin tires Limbering to a halt at quivering street corners; Revving decibels rival Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer – Their horsepower trembling walled skyscrapers. Weaving o’er the world from Togo to Chandigarh, Taxiing, spiriting sprinting, bobbing passengers And drivers, via signature arc handle-bar wands –Continue reading “Choppers – A Poem”

Morning Glory – A Poem

Ascending in plumes of amber frankincense tears, August exhales penultima syllables in scented flares. Kaleidoscope blooms open pollen garden apothecaries, Prompting nectar flights from hive, larders, and fancy: Where mint julep asters smile shasta daisies, Fragrant phlox festoon the lilies of the valley, And, blue star cultivars jig to morning glory; Mixing floral Summer keepsakesContinue reading “Morning Glory – A Poem”

Rock Star – A Poem

You are a rock star Your kindness beams from afar, No need for a branded misnomer, A million followers or 2020 jaguar. You shine in your soft heart; Your life lovingly set apart. You are a rock star, An earth formed aquifer, Seated under bright stars. The same element in diamonds; Synthesized carbons, Runs throughContinue reading “Rock Star – A Poem”

Helix – A Poem

Throughout the inseparable eons of generations Where kinfolk forebearers coined counting songs; Their kilometre – the time it takes to sing a song. When circumference, measures of hand breadths Built arks and walls, plumbing accuracy’s depths. Where a handful of sand released upon the wind; Reveals direction; the land guiding us by its hand. WereContinue reading “Helix – A Poem”

Streetcar Trolley – A Poem

Streetcars sing in heavy metaled lyrics, “next stop” Trolley, trams belch, tooting their metal giddy-up, Rolling Boston to San Francisco; Philly to Toronto Nowadays, some tracks still on strident hooves go; Six hundred volt horses on top, the carriage below. Inside; standing riders clasp iron floor branches or, Poised like Purple Gallinules birds walking on water, SwayContinue reading “Streetcar Trolley – A Poem”

Love’s Butter – A Poem

Ah! Breakfast – homemade bread, butter melting, Steamy oven door – a fly peeks in napkin wearing Attracted by the pheromones of this warm suitor, Giddy and dizzy from flour’s undulating aroma, Steadying itself as it swoons on a pad of butter. Mounted expedition to save it from the butter, Allowed the fly to flutterContinue reading “Love’s Butter – A Poem”