Dawn – A Poem

A train horn sounds in the distance – Piercing the fog of muted silence. Gentle raindrops on the window, Their resplendent show Silenced By warm Spring winds, Chasing them away as they land. A stunning delicious cup of coffee Crafted by accident, Poured too much creamer, In the shimmering dim light. Dawn, An unwrapping ofContinue reading “Dawn – A Poem”

Ancient Words – A Poem

Ancient words, Verbal coinage of the past. What mystical phrases they spell – Prithee tell. Wondrous tales by bards of olden. Of Paradise fields, of flowers golden. Ancient words woven Like warm clout into a blanket, Wrapping waves of joy ’round the heorte. Forsooth, howbeit so grand, Ancient words, when spoken today – ‘Though inContinue reading “Ancient Words – A Poem”

Self Portrait – A Poem

What I think I know, I don’t have knowledge of all the pieces to fully understand. And, even if all the pieces were available to me, I could not grasp the full scope of my understanding anyway. What I do know, Albeit, only partially – Is that I don’t really know anything fully. A delightfulContinue reading “Self Portrait – A Poem”