Serendipity – A stream of Unconscious Poem

Perhaps, start reading that book You’ve only given its cover a look Create that cabinet space From that centuries-old lace Roam somewhere new outdoors Enjoy its woodland moors Shop for that small un-necessity You’ve told your mind is an impossibility But thoughts of it are shear serendipity Play your favorite old songs Without Alexa orContinue reading “Serendipity – A stream of Unconscious Poem”

Thoughts from a raining day indoors – A Poem

Kick back and stare up at the clouds, They know how to hang out. Take fish photos near a teaming ocean inlet – “The fish don’t mind water; they’re already wet.” Listen to herding rain bleating on the window pane. Sleep eyed raindrops whisper to the snooze button again and again. Rest, the gracious interiorContinue reading “Thoughts from a raining day indoors – A Poem”

Dandelions – A Poem

Dandelions, your fame grows near and far. Your floral stages echo sun, moon and star. Your bright yellow blooms burst into the morning air. Yet, at night you fold your flowers, as if in penitent prayer. Long ago gardeners gave way to your herbaceous yields, Exchanging expensive grass for your expansive yellow fields. Thriving longerContinue reading “Dandelions – A Poem”

First Spring “Pours” – A Poem

Expressly welcomed cupfuls from the wellsprings of life – The first spring pours, As dripping rain clouds filter their precious gift, To fine ground pastures. Blowing winds barista sound to the thirsty ear And, cool the brewing heatwave drawing near. Grass and trees seem greener, In the percolator of the imagination – Favorite morning coffeeContinue reading “First Spring “Pours” – A Poem”

“The spring of love”

Born this day May 16, in 1788, Friedrich Ruckert. His poems influenced classical musicians, whose works are legendary. He inspired the likes of Brahms, Schubert, Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann, Mahler, Richard Strauss, Zemlinsky, Hindemith, Bartók, Berg, and Hugo Wolf. Although he was not world famous, over 120 musical pieces credited his poetic works as theContinue reading ““The spring of love””

The fifth day – A Poem

Perhaps the fifth day Isn’t just another weekday – The cathedral to week’s end But, A whisper of all that came to life in Eden. When great whales surfaced for air for the very first time, When pelicans and parakeets and penguins, Found rest for their feet in Havilah’s prime. And, it was the dayContinue reading “The fifth day – A Poem”

Phoenix – A Poem

Forgotten dreams surface – plans to aspire. Their details dance in memory’s flame, Like sparks from the ashes of a campfire. Were they dreams to accomplish, Or, Truth enchanted, To keep our hearts soft with compassion for life, When comes the many times during strife, We somehow rise as a living spark, From the PhoenixContinue reading “Phoenix – A Poem”