Tools Of The Craft – A Poem

Expressions carefully coined phrases, gifted tools of the craft. Writers, poets, artists pour, from the jars of their earthen gift Water and oil onto the waiting hemispheres of the imagination. Courageously dipping the inscribed edges of their mortal pen – Its immortal tip dripping with the anointing oil flowing down, From the cloaks of theContinue reading “Tools Of The Craft – A Poem”

Popping Corn – A Poem

Memories hop around the kettle of the mind like popping corn with the soul as the lid. The balm of quietude fuels the kernels rising swiftly from where they were hid. Popping aromatherapy scents the room with relaxing reminders; home is sanctuary’s solace. Movie night on the sofa of the soul ruminating on the crunchyContinue reading “Popping Corn – A Poem”

Sapphire Lagoon – A Poem

Soles shift in labored toil portraying diligent effort, Keyboard penmanship typed in mouse discomfort. All-nighters snuffer both ends of the burn candle, Wringing inner ear repeat the woodpecker’s anvil. Unrequited culinary affectations, quick bake flour Into one-sided sandwiches for brunch and dinner. Thirst’s parched whistle, the kettle’s dainty saucer, Harmony’s momentary breather, serenity’s sister. OasisContinue reading “Sapphire Lagoon – A Poem”

Dancing Home – A Caribbean Style Poem

Ocean grey skies clouded noon day, Typical tropical rains on their way. Bus a lime by the corner with you, (bus a lime – to hang out with friends) Here comes the downpour doo doo. (doo doo or doux doux – my dear, darling) Pelting rain trow mango with a splash, (trow – throw, toss)Continue reading “Dancing Home – A Caribbean Style Poem”

Legacy’s Cart – A Poem

Enraptured by sandy shores in memories’ swirling rampart, Of places alive in warm pastels of the mind’s daydream art, Alive today because ancestral prayers of faith did their part. Harnessing the bridled past into iron wheels of horsepower, Driving memory’s adventures to places remembered forever. Journeying beyond those familiar lands adding to their start, SoContinue reading “Legacy’s Cart – A Poem”

Like Damselflies in Summer – A Poem

Like damselflies in summer, beautiful azure, you, Add green, blue tinctures to color spectrum’s hue. Your colorful compliments melt melancholy skies, Grey clouds of lament turn into ultramarine smiles. Hummingbirds, kingfishers rest from azure flight, Nesting in Gaia’s lapis lazuli sanctuaries of azurite.