The Promised Land ~#writephoto – A Poem

Hope is a staff in the hand of the prophet Atop Mount Nebo, Moab’s hilly silhouette Whose lookout is the valley of the promise: Where a legacy walks from the wilderness, Baptizes a holy river, and shouts down walls Where a sea is a salt lake and is dead but lives Where hope is aContinue reading “The Promised Land ~#writephoto – A Poem”

Spring’s Shadow – A Poem

Glacial digits of the Arctic’s chiseled fingers Cling eagerly to nature’s frosty shoulders. But, the tundra serves up a January thaw, Where Spring savors her famous umbra; In Winter’s illuminated rear view mirror, Helping hearts and hearth to remember – What we are hoping and waiting for. ********* Remarks: The fragment, “Spring savors her famousContinue reading “Spring’s Shadow – A Poem”

The Sequence – A Poem

Sunflowers, sand dollars, starfish and roses, Spiraling mysteries of Fibonacci’s sequence. Wave curl barrels, pinecones, nautilus shells; Their forms and pattern, propel, move, swirl. Galaxies twirl in the same infinite pirouette. Fibonacci sequence; a stamp, a watermark, The Divine architect’s patented trademark. The Creator’s engraving on eternity’s locket. ******* Remarks: As you know Fibonacci’s sequenceContinue reading “The Sequence – A Poem”