Words Of Encouragement II – A Poem

[Words of Encouragement I – Link Here] Fellow bloggers: You write, snap photographs, paint, share your research, All the while, holding fast clarity’s pen, camera or brush, On syllabic tableaus, portrait poses and prose frescos, Publishing in the quagmire sandstorms of today’s malaise. As the world reverberates in the Gethsemane of its crucible camouflage, YourContinue reading “Words Of Encouragement II – A Poem”

Math – A Poem

There is more to Mathematics, than counting games to amuse, Or solving the quotient of a parabolic hypotenuse. Than figuring the trigonometric marvels of the Pyramids, Or, solving assumptions of the truly infinite of infinity’s limits. For, not even the beauty of Euler’s number can quantify, The complex answers that so warmly in the mindContinue reading “Math – A Poem”

Polar Kingdom – A Poem

Autumn stirs the morning coffee with a cream pendulum, Pressing Winter’s grind from the water of October’s Bodum. Harvest, a time of gleaning, borne from fervent resolutions In tilled soil; this year’s plans, aspirations and reflections Germinated in the green house savannas of imagination, Filling fall baskets of manifested regalia; Skadi’s purse, dispensed as heContinue reading “Polar Kingdom – A Poem”