Spring’s Shadow – A Poem

Glacial digits of the Arctic’s chiseled fingers Cling eagerly to nature’s frosty shoulders. But, the tundra serves up a January thaw, Where Spring savors her famous umbra; In Winter’s illuminated rear view mirror, Helping hearts and hearth to remember – What we are hoping and waiting for. ********* Remarks: The fragment, “Spring savors her famousContinue reading “Spring’s Shadow – A Poem”

‘Twas Night – A Poem

‘Twas night where the once mighty river flowed, Now, halogen horse-powered lights in LED halos Swim, where paleolithic currents once hid their abode. Out of the metamorphosis of a river chrysalis; a city emerged A city like many others, where, In the cauldron of a river of dreams, a metropolis forged. ________________________________________ Heading uphill fromContinue reading “‘Twas Night – A Poem”

Chiseled archway – A Poem

At first glance Gothic styled trees chisel an archway, Hiding a tattered wooden shed with its green canopy. In gracious affinity encapsulating compassion, the tree Perchance plots each branch at just the right schema, Tucking in its leaves accentuating the facade’s patina. Antiquing upscaling the grey tones of decades in situ, Silently sculpting objet d’artContinue reading “Chiseled archway – A Poem”