The Blues – A Poem

Western seagulls hang-glide blue skies.Nearby, blue-tailed magpiestilt their beaks squinting, plotting,sizing up, my azure steed’s hooves (my car tires),eyeing the morsels tucked in the tires’ grooves.While, apartment dwellers in skyscrapers’sing the blues.’—about trotting hooves making beelinesfor personal earlobe real estate.Here’s a prime example:Mondays’ eve, come mid-Winterwhen HDTVs become ramparts blasting sound volleys, down-the-hall turrets;pelting HockeyContinue reading “The Blues – A Poem”

Vancouver Island – A Short Story ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 12

Suddenly, it was pitch dark on the island. The power had gone out, everywhere. It was an uncomfortable darkness. When she last checked, the time on her favorite clock was almost twenty minutes before midnight. The eighties-style, battery powered clock. was a cherished gift, marking her arrival on the island, years ago, after the incident.Continue reading “Vancouver Island – A Short Story ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 12”

Branwen-Áine ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 10

Branwen-Áine, Queen of the faeries, in her feather disguise to shield her eyes from the shadow guardian Gogologe, ponders her plight into the realm of the humans. She usually dreads the passage through the doorway she must take from her world to the dominion of the humans. In times past, in her lands, the Kumari-Mu,Continue reading “Branwen-Áine ~ Paula’s Tuesday Story 10”