The kneads of the day – A Poem

Give us this day, The kneads of the day: Oceans to breathe, A shelter to sleep in safety, Living water, A cloak to wear, Necessary food, Trees to admire, Kind words to speak, Words of love, Meaningful work, The privilege of health, A place to belong, And when trials/trails slow our pace, To be carriedContinue reading “The kneads of the day – A Poem”

Rainbows – A Poem

Perhaps rainbows warm the heart, As tantalizing specters of curved sunlight, Or, because of the magical way that at just the right angle, With the Sun watching your back, Heavenly tapestry creates an earthly spectacle. Or, because somewhere deep within, They are moments for one. Between the universe and you alone. A reminder of aContinue reading “Rainbows – A Poem”

A tribute to poetry – A stream of unconscious Poem

What syllables can be uttered in your praise Your extended metaphors an allegory of our days Your alliterated couplets coin bonanzas in your stanzas Your rhymed refinery our collective muse When with ambiguity your meaning fuse Your prickly metre sometimes trampled underfoot When by chance, personification looses its comfort Your selfless selfishness the antithesis ofContinue reading “A tribute to poetry – A stream of unconscious Poem”

The fifth day – A Poem

Perhaps the fifth day Isn’t just another weekday – The cathedral to week’s end But, A whisper of all that came to life in Eden. When great whales surfaced for air for the very first time, When pelicans and parakeets and penguins, Found rest for their feet in Havilah’s prime. And, it was the dayContinue reading “The fifth day – A Poem”