The Ocean? – A Poem

What do eyes see, The sunrise painting the Sea. Pale blue waves cresting the horizon, So mesmerizing one can almost hear the tide rising. Local birds glide in the updraft like seagulls diving. While an inlet forms in a nearby cloud’s center core, Tiny waves nipping at the bar’s shore. The true Ocean is notContinue reading “The Ocean? – A Poem”

First Spring “Pours” – A Poem

Expressly welcomed cupfuls from the wellsprings of life – The first spring pours, As dripping rain clouds filter their precious gift, To fine ground pastures. Blowing winds barista sound to the thirsty ear And, cool the brewing heatwave drawing near. Grass and trees seem greener, In the percolator of the imagination – Favorite morning coffeeContinue reading “First Spring “Pours” – A Poem”

A tribute to poetry – A stream of unconscious Poem

What syllables can be uttered in your praise Your extended metaphors an allegory of our days Your alliterated couplets coin bonanzas in your stanzas Your rhymed refinery our collective muse When with ambiguity your meaning fuse Your prickly metre sometimes trampled underfoot When by chance, personification looses its comfort Your selfless selfishness the antithesis ofContinue reading “A tribute to poetry – A stream of unconscious Poem”

Phoenix – A Poem

Forgotten dreams surface – plans to aspire. Their details dance in memory’s flame, Like sparks from the ashes of a campfire. Were they dreams to accomplish, Or, Truth enchanted, To keep our hearts soft with compassion for life, When comes the many times during strife, We somehow rise as a living spark, From the PhoenixContinue reading “Phoenix – A Poem”

Cantilever emotions – A stream of Unconscious Poem

Cantilever emotions vaulting passion prompted sentiments of scented daydreams at the county fair cotton candy flavored carnival fixin’s deep fried crispy made to order – ready made childlike fun in a made to order grown up world. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ A sort of a different style of poetry than you have seen on this blog. Here, IContinue reading “Cantilever emotions – A stream of Unconscious Poem”

Ancient Words – A Poem

Ancient words, Verbal coinage of the past. What mystical phrases they spell – Prithee tell. Wondrous tales by bards of olden. Of Paradise fields, of flowers golden. Ancient words woven Like warm clout into a blanket, Wrapping waves of joy ’round the heorte. Forsooth, howbeit so grand, Ancient words, when spoken today – ‘Though inContinue reading “Ancient Words – A Poem”