Morse Code – A Poem

It was Morse code that awoke the dreamer. A pleasant dream it was too, no screamer. Of reading a book by candle light in an old shanty shack. A babbling brook outside and silent crickets chirping, back to back – for all dreams are soundproof you know – to this wisdom there’s no lack. TheContinue reading “Morse Code – A Poem”

The art gallery – A Poem

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit the garden art gallery, Plum for fine fruit, captured by Monet and Dali. Admire smiling rose bushes, the Mona Lisa of hedges, Train climbing cucumbers, The Thinker of veggies. Paint peaches like Monet, pears like van Gough, And, sculpt strawberry fences into Venus Di Milo. This familiar oasis sketchedContinue reading “The art gallery – A Poem”

The under kingdom – A Poem

In the far under kingdom of Peat, Annelida of the turf advance unit, Wormed her way in the grottoes, To fend off the army of Antophicloes, Threatening to devour the tomatoes. She dons her invertebrate armor, Sheaths her sword named tuber. And, rallies her Eastern troops into rows, Under the ripen vines of tomatoes. WithContinue reading “The under kingdom – A Poem”

Noontime rain – A Poem

A not uncommon noontime occurrence, Visceral storms pirouette in the distance, The once vibrant sun cloaks in darkness. Sweeping in from nowhere in the visible spectrum, Strong winds dispatch the ominous vortex to Elysium. Once threatening torrent, now wind-kissed noontime rain. Locals accustomed to this magical phenomenon, Siesta to a water pitter-patter lullaby refrain.

Dirt – A Poem

Floor of the world, cradle of the once Eden, Mortal molten cauldron birth life’s fertile terrain. Nursery blanket of life, nurturer to seeds sown, Shroud to mysteries of generations unknown. Its ancient texts, the alphabet of organic matter. Its sinew, the mortar of pyramids, huts and skyscraper. Ten thousand hyperbole from the topsoil of imaginationContinue reading “Dirt – A Poem”