Elixir – A Poem in Prime Verse

mortal labyrinth renaissance elixir stirs a pristine paradox in a cup— life: sanguine silhouettes, trysts ‘pon helix stars, Ethereal spirits—breathing, weaving daily axioms skirting Earth’s axis womb tranquil succor on the Mississippi reading Tom Sawyer **** Written for Rebecca Cuningham @ FakeFlamenco Remarks: This month Rebecca Cuningham at FakeFlameco challenges us to write a poemContinue reading “Elixir – A Poem in Prime Verse”

The Vision – A Poem ~ Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Dreamcatcher

And the dreamcatcher fell asleep in a dream: Vaulting over Styx coming to rest in Elysium. There, stood the patriarchs in purple eminence, Evanescent forms of Isaac, Jacob unto Abraham Then, a sound in springs of rippling water spoke: ‘The colors you see are the fruit of mortal energies From a world harvesting winter’s burdensomeContinue reading “The Vision – A Poem ~ Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Dreamcatcher”

2021 – A Poem

Now freshly furnished, 2021 Unboxes its February futon Floating on lapping oceans Dreaming, roses and gladiolas Raising the Spring of the south Hiking Winter’s cedared north. In a year, thus far: Where solitude is the new entourage, And, where change is the new orange, How picturesque unspoiled the tundra, Flowing from the horn of aContinue reading “2021 – A Poem”

Emojis – A Poem

Well Wouldn’t it Be nifty imagery To write only in emojis; The hieroglyphs of this age, The Delphi of the Internet’s sage. Future archeology, uncovering emoji marvels May require a new “Rosetta Stone” to unravel Perhaps they might call it: “Emoticon Pebble” There could be whole sentences composed Of a few “smilies,” a thumbs upContinue reading “Emojis – A Poem”

The Three Singing Birds – A Folk Lore Poem

Their elixir melodies, fragrant gales drifting from sea to shore, Their charmed music: mythical oral traditions, spun into lore – The three singing birds of Rhiannon, queen of Celtic romance, A trio of beautiful wings lassoing soundwaves, time and space. These feathered troubadours boomeranged the sound barrier; For, although the birds sang their dulcet chorusContinue reading “The Three Singing Birds – A Folk Lore Poem”

Sapling – A Poem

Earth’s globe, blossomed sapling in the tree of life, Upholding humanity’s offspring in noble archetype. Its Elysian fountain bark; the destroyer of sorrows, Supports keepsake trellises where empathy grows; Staking sanctuaries in solitude’s stemmed embrace, Every twig, a sturdy foothold in the immortal race. Its vines bridging both sides of the heavenly river, With rootsContinue reading “Sapling – A Poem”

Pest Control Day – A Poem

August, the annual spray recital; decks have been cleared Uninvited characters wait in the wings, unseen unheard. The human audience crop the stage of household props, Corralling them in a pile; complete with the requisite aisle. The stage director proscribes a seven-hour intermission Wherein, uninvited “guests” are handed script revisions, To ply their trade inContinue reading “Pest Control Day – A Poem”

The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)

Uncovered in a Tasmanian rock quarry, A fossilized scroll of the sage Tutenant, Of the ancient ant kingdom of Hillovant. The following, its transcribed fragment: – “Remember your wisdom O venerable ant member, You command great armies without a commander. Following the community ant steps of one another, You render impossible treks possible without GPS,Continue reading “The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)”