Lions – A Devotional Moment (A Poem)

He is for you. He who shut the mouths of lions, The lamb who climbed Calvary to light Zion, The crown of thorns on the Rose of Sharon. He is for you. Who is with you as the night wanes, Who morns with you in the morning, His favor, the atom of your being, TheContinue reading “Lions – A Devotional Moment (A Poem)”

Life’s morning cup – A Poem

As sunlight inspects its hue, The summer morning dew, Quickly bids the Sun adieu. Was it Dawn’s archer’s bow, Or perhaps in times long ago, Grass, trees, shrub and flower, Volunteered for daily adventure, To the secret gardens Babylon. Where, each morning the Sun Melts heaven’s permafrost ice, Into a sacred hanging chalice, Then carefullyContinue reading “Life’s morning cup – A Poem”

The kneads of the day – A Poem

Give us this day, The kneads of the day: Oceans to breathe, A shelter to sleep in safety, Living water, A cloak to wear, Necessary food, Trees to admire, Kind words to speak, Words of love, Meaningful work, The privilege of health, A place to belong, And when trials/trails slow our pace, To be carriedContinue reading “The kneads of the day – A Poem”

Thoughts from a raining day indoors – A Poem

Kick back and stare up at the clouds, They know how to hang out. Take fish photos near a teaming ocean inlet – “The fish don’t mind water; they’re already wet.” Listen to herding rain bleating on the window pane. Sleep eyed raindrops whisper to the snooze button again and again. Rest, the gracious interiorContinue reading “Thoughts from a raining day indoors – A Poem”

Private Meditation: The housekeepers – A Poem

Night and Day – the housekeepers of Time. Together: They scrub the sky – the roof of Time, So that we may tell the seasons. They remind us to number the days, So that we find our own ways, To the paths ahead. They polish the table of our daily bread – Our divine wages.Continue reading “Private Meditation: The housekeepers – A Poem”