Navigator Chapter 21, A Sunday Story

Chapter 21 While Isabella counted…suddenly…the boardroom in Shangri-la began to heave violently… It was alive…! Baphomet, the embodiment of all evil, had somehow enchanted his consciousness into the boardroom space. Suddenly the bits and bobs, splinter and bric-à-brac once a lavish and massive acacia boardroom table; now dismembered asunder, erupted off the floor…like a shot… Then…Continue reading “Navigator Chapter 21, A Sunday Story”

Embers – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

out of the embers a strong wind crosses, two doors brooch The Tree Of Life *** Built atop the site of St. Paul’s grave/martyrdom during the reign of Emporer Constantine, and once the largest church in the world (until St. Peter’s Basilica was built) stands St. Paul’s Outside the Walls Basilica, Rome. Fire devasted theContinue reading “Embers – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors”