Navigator, Chapters 15 & 16 – A Sunday Story

Chapter 15 As the protective bubble crafted by Isabella’s sword which she carried about in her half angel half human bloodstream began to tear apart from the blow… Metty (Isabella’s guardian angel, Methesaleh) sprouted his angel wings and lunged towards Isabella who at that moment attempted to make a break for it by exiting theContinue reading “Navigator, Chapters 15 & 16 – A Sunday Story”

Book Review – A Haibun

second comes first truth finds reality asleep lucid dream walker *** The Evil You Choose, the second book (but the first) in author Dan Antion‘s Dream Alliance series whets the reader’s imaginative appetite for the mystical. This reader’s interest slackened not from the prologue to the final jot. Powerful connections drawn from loved ones (realContinue reading “Book Review – A Haibun”