Set Right – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

charting faith’s heavens a blank canvas and a dream time sets things right **** Sequestered in the land that was once vineyards stands the first main basilica in Florence, Italy in the 13th century — Santa Maria Novella. Consecrated in 1429, this basilica has been the home of The Dominican Friars for over 800 years.Continue reading “Set Right – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Navigator – Chapter 8 – A Sunday Short Story

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 “Where am I, exactly?” Thought Isabella to herself suddenly realizing that she was no longer in the Jumeirah Al Naseem Southeby’s hotel room on the king-size bed watching the being that called himself: “I am Legion, for we are many,”Continue reading “Navigator – Chapter 8 – A Sunday Short Story”

The Line – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

passing through fire twin doors fanning out flames holding the line **** Note: I removed a photo I had in the original post showing these doors during a fire that occurred at the church The second largest church in Paris, France, and built atop two earlier iterations spanning back to the 7th Century AD standsContinue reading “The Line – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”