Weekend Musings-the soothing oceans

“There’s a magical energy and power from the ocean”-Jo Beverley As you enjoy your weekend coffee or tea here are a few musings for your consideration on the bond between the ocean and us. Cheers. “The sea is His, for it was He who made it, And His hands formed the dry land.” – PsalmContinue reading “Weekend Musings-the soothing oceans”

Weekend Inspiration

Sometimes, no matter how much we try to muster the courage to move forward, the vicissitudes of life challenge us to the core. At those times, even the calming droplets of inspiration and encouragement we may find along the way, seem to do little to water the temporary parched land in our soul. For thoseContinue reading “Weekend Inspiration”

Exit doors rarely come in the packages one expects

Sometimes we are looking for a way out. The way out may have been presented to us, but we do not recognize it. Because, we hold a certain vision of the future. And, the presented opportunity does not appear to meet with our expectations. Today, the opportunity for a way out, that you have beenContinue reading “Exit doors rarely come in the packages one expects”

“Things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.”

Here in the, sort of, North West, winter has come. It is just a few flakes for now which began yesterday but, you know what is coming. I enjoy the fall and there is still the beauty of the fallen leaves to look at. In the fallen carpet of shades of brown, I do notContinue reading ““Things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.””

Twittering Tales #158 – 15 October, 2019

Everyday is a fresh startI wake up say a prayer and hustleOnly minutes to savor freshly brewed classic Italian coffee. Then, as we each rush to our car, I think to myself, “we rarely enjoy the little things latelyHow great life would be if we lived a little bit of it everyday?” Total characters: 280Continue reading “Twittering Tales #158 – 15 October, 2019”