Can words really fill your stomach with joy?

The other day, I missed breakfast but I was determined to write a blog post before doing anything else that morning. I was hungry but I had to write. Perhaps you can relate. An hour or so later, I finished the post, tweaking it until I was satisfied it was what was in my mindContinue reading “Can words really fill your stomach with joy?”

Twittering Tales # 153- September 10-2019

She sat staring at the busy rays of morning light triumphantly escaping from the tattered blinds. Her carefully dimmed sanctuary now intruded by soft gentle orange hues illuminating her hands as She raised the blinds to reveal–the ancient church next door ^^^^^^^ In response to; Twittering Tales #153- 10 September 2019 A Prompt by KatContinue reading “Twittering Tales # 153- September 10-2019”

Sometimes, coarse words make their point, but a tapestry of words gently woven, can rock someone’s world, forever.

A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles. –William Hazlitt “A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread” –George Herbert

Happy Monday, You are not just spinning the wheel of life

The origin of the name Monday is from the old English and or, the Greek reference to the Norse god Mani – the Moon. Monday came into English meaning, “day of the Moon” from either old English: Mōnandæg or the Greek: ἡμέρᾱ Σελήνης, diēs Lūnae.¹ In either case, Monday was and is a celebration ofContinue reading “Happy Monday, You are not just spinning the wheel of life”

Life is not always fun, sunshine, flowers, pixie dust and unicorns

Life is not always fun, sunshine, flowers, pixie dust and unicorns. The ebb and flow of life means that sometimes we have low points, we are down, we feel less than joyful. And, we all have those moments – it is the nature of being human. “When things go wrong, don’t go with them” –Continue reading “Life is not always fun, sunshine, flowers, pixie dust and unicorns”

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean, you should”

Our life’s journey is often defined more by what we choose not to do, than by what we do. I was on my way to the grocery store today and I was waiting to make the left turn from the main street into the grocery mall parking lot. I saw an opening in the seeminglyContinue reading ““Just because you can, doesn’t mean, you should””

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Letting go is not easy. Letting go for me, means change. And as the leaves change and the summer fades, the transition of the seasons remind me of the beauty of letting go of the things that no longer nourish. There is wisdom in knowing when to let go of the former things and toContinue reading ““Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.””

Do you have the courage?

A short motivational video for you today. In case you have forgotten that you are courageous. You are a survivor. Your best days are now. You have the courage to live in the now and cherish each moment — despite the hell you have been through. You have the courage to stand up for theContinue reading “Do you have the courage?”

The Secret things

Nobody tells everybody everything. In this modern world the trend is to be transparent. Baring all for the world to see seems to be the new kind of “honesty.” But, there are still some things that should remain secret. And, you are the best judge of that. What I think happens is that we feelContinue reading “The Secret things”