Forged Relationships – A Poem

Forged relationships; framed steel cornices Rebar cement in a foundation of alliances. Neighbors, family, friend or acquaintances That together, help hammer provision’s anvil – Two iron beams better than one as its candle If one falls the other carries aloft safety’s angle. If possible, a threefold alliance a better tether, Its climbing molten vines aContinue reading “Forged Relationships – A Poem”

Kitty Cat – A Poem

Feline patrols the alley way, At first, some thought a stray, A fluorescent collar in crimson glory. Street-wise to neighborhood jungle traffic, Crossing at night in stealth at the crosswalk, As cars stop for her fashion runway catwalk. Her midnight charcoal coat flatters, Her luminescent pink collar choker. Her bright accessory a token of loveContinue reading “Kitty Cat – A Poem”

Preserves – A Poem

Spirited pectin Gels the action: Pickle preserves, Oeur d’oeuvres, Chows and Confit Spreads and jelly. Pitted fruit meet The stone remover. Pickling spice, Sultry allspice. Drooling lids, Funnel bibs, Pattern paper, Park apples In ornate jars Like antique cars Wave checkered flags. Guarded temperatures Enshrine winter cellars In sweet homemade jars. ___________ – Inspired byContinue reading “Preserves – A Poem”

Fall’s Scepter – A Poem

Autumn; Winter waits every year to see her, His persona attracted to her warmed temper. But she arrives before him, often not by much, And, exits on winged Demeter’s pumpkin patch. His chivalric quest, epic as that of Sir Gawayne, He plies her with gifts near the Etruscan plain, They vanish like ice cubes inContinue reading “Fall’s Scepter – A Poem”

An Open letter – A Poem

In this an open letter To the invisible darkness In the realms of spiritual wickedness In the kingdom circling the cosmological Offspring of the heavenly Creator Circling like a lion to see whom to invite as dinner. Let it be known today… That we know – by all that has been written In the sacredContinue reading “An Open letter – A Poem”