Jetfuel, Chapter 2, A Sunday Story

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Controlling her half spiral half body slam jump Neroot dove head first out of the moving dark green Audi’s passenger door. She landed in a tuck and roll slamming her back into 333 Bay Street’s back door in the city known by many names; but, her favorite moniker for this homeContinue reading “Jetfuel, Chapter 2, A Sunday Story”

Lions – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

bronze doors wood shields zeal enters the narrow gate in the path of lions **** Considered by some experts as the magnum opus of Spanish Gothic Architecture and the second-largest church in Spain, the Primatial Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo (Toledo Cathedral A.D. 1493) is the main cathedral in a city considered by someContinue reading “Lions – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors”

Jetfuel, Chapter 1, A Sunday Story

Chapter 1 Neroot pressed her 9mm Glock 42 into her under bra sleeve designed for its concealment. She primped and preened her Dolce and Gabanna long-sleeved lace midi dress’ bra cup around the tiny weapon to ensure its perfect fit. Anything at all out of place when she met him would be nothing short ofContinue reading “Jetfuel, Chapter 1, A Sunday Story”