An ode to those we admire – A Poem

They are mothers, forefathers, mentors, warriors, and loved ones: Who conquered obstacles in the kingdoms of darkness, Who by their integrity and often, without words, Quenched the flames of idle rumors. They traveled miles on foot, by boat, or by plane. They made do with meager rations – So that we might gain a farContinue reading “An ode to those we admire – A Poem”

Ice Cream Delight? – A stream of Unconscious poem

French vanilla cookies ‘n cream cabbage flavored chocolate chip Mondays Rocky road heavenly mint hash tangy tomato Tuesdays. What more can be said of watercress waffle walnut Wednesdays or Butter pecan licorice garlic horseradish bacon ice cream Thursdays or daring dried kale rhubarb scented sprinkles on syrupy radish Sundaes – unusual sweet sensations with aContinue reading “Ice Cream Delight? – A stream of Unconscious poem”

The cart – A Poem

Looking out at two figures in the Dawn. Their cart warbling in the waning morning Myst. Rusted coat-hanger held in unprotected hands Dig through the discarded. Sudden excitement in their posture – They found a treasure. Together, they tuck the precious cargo Into their cart bound valuables and go. What desperate measures, so dire, ToContinue reading “The cart – A Poem”