The Templar Stone – Chapter 2 – A Sunday Story

***A very fictional tale*** Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Later that afternoon, back parking lot – Hospital da Ordem’s, Trindade, Portugal… Closing the hospital building’s back exit door with a loud click and fighting back the grief rising in her soul, Isabella thought of her late grandmother Clemora. Her sorrow made her slow mournful ploddingContinue reading “The Templar Stone – Chapter 2 – A Sunday Story”

Sparks – A Gnomic Poem

‘Inspiration, little sparks that set souls ablaze’ Ideas building thought pyramids drafting invisible architects ‘Ranking effort above the prize, love’s treasure’ Honoring lessons learned, instructing framed certificates โ€”priceless **** A gnomic poem is a four-line verse/stanza with aphorisms and sayings in one line which are then described or embellished in the proceeding lines. Here, theContinue reading “Sparks – A Gnomic Poem”

Empires – Haiku 2022 – #ThursdayDoors

empires stories retold from borrowed thresholds of broken pieces **** Consecrated as a church in the fourth region of Rome since AD 527, the Basilica of Santi Cosma and Damiano situated in the Roman Forum enclosure was originally built in the 6th century (some accounts say the 2nd century). Rebuilt several times over the centuriesContinue reading “Empires – Haiku 2022 – #ThursdayDoors”