Jetfuel, Chapter 2, A Sunday Story

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Controlling her half spiral half body slam jump Neroot dove head first out of the moving dark green Audi’s passenger door. She landed in a tuck and roll slamming her back into 333 Bay Street’s back door in the city known by many names; but, her favorite moniker for this homeContinue reading “Jetfuel, Chapter 2, A Sunday Story”

Lions – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

bronze doors wood shields zeal enters the narrow gate in the path of lions **** Considered by some experts as the magnum opus of Spanish Gothic Architecture and the second-largest church in Spain, the Primatial Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo (Toledo Cathedral A.D. 1493) is the main cathedral in a city considered by someContinue reading “Lions – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors”