Millions – Haiku 2023 #TDWC #TGIF

Image credit: Miriam Hurdle.

sheltering the past

thatching the hope of millions

seeking open doors


In response to two challenges:

#TDWC – ThursdayDoors Writing Challenge hosted by Dan Antion @ No Facilities

#TGIF – Paula’s Light Motifs II – TGIF – Unburied Treasure

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

29 thoughts on “Millions – Haiku 2023 #TDWC #TGIF

  1. Yes, I believe you are right –
    An idyllic spot that has restored her rightful place to thatch together all areas of study; from the arts to astrophysics in an open space of learning.

    Love the special message penned
    Treasure institutional memory

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