Witnesses – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

Main Side Entrance Almudena Cathedral, Madrid Spain. Image credit: © Marcovarro | Dreamstime

bronze silhouettes

a cloud of witnesses offering

cathedrals as cups


Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena, Madrid, Spain (Almudena Cathedral) is Madrid’s response to the city’s century-long wait for a cathedral. It was designed with an outer neoclassical silhouette juxtaposed against an interior filled with gothic style.

As cathedrals go, this cathedral is relatively new. Consecrated in 1993 after wars and rebellions interrupted its original build circa 1883 AD.

The featured doors are the side entrance to the cathedral. These massive bronze doors were installed in October 2000.

These main side entrance doors’ artwork offer up beyond-life-sized sculptures depicting Christ (Crucifixion and Ascension) in the top portion.

And, the bottom portion presents the crowd of witnesses including past and present Kings of Spain, Cardinals, and Bishops heralding Almudena Cathedral’s consecration on 15 June 1993 performed by Pope John Paul II.

Wider angle, side entrance, Almudena Cathedral, Madrid. Image credit:  © Sergio Nogueira | Dreamstime

Fun fact/Trivia: On April 28, 2023, Real Madrid, the city’s famous soccer team won the EUFA Champions League final. The next day the team’s first act was to visit the night service mass at Almudena Cathedral where they offered up their winning and coveted cup to Cathedral Almenuda’s saint the Virgin of Almudena in gratitude for the team’s success.

Almudena Cathedral wider images below:

Almudena Cathedral, Madrid Spain. Image credit: © Prasit Rodphan | Dreamstime
Cathedral Almudena, Madrid Spain. Image credit: © Aleksandar Todorovic | Dreamstime

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43 thoughts on “Witnesses – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

    1. Yes, it’s a gift to see that these grand cathedrals can still be built in the style of the past; yet, in the fresh paint of our lifetime.
      Always a pleasure, Dan. .
      Thank you for hosting ThursdayDoors and The Writing Challenge.

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  1. The standing saint photograpging these majestic doors brings a beautiful aura of apprecuation and wonder to the image and eloquent words.

    An exquisite haiku tracing cathedral architecture.

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