Understory – Haiku 2023 #Moonwashed Weekly

Image credit: ApplesPC | Pixabay

woodland passages

picturesque understory

scent the mind’s garden


In response to #Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Picturesque – May 16, 2023

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

36 thoughts on “Understory – Haiku 2023 #Moonwashed Weekly

  1. Charming, looks like a secret garden grow
    More humid than the canopy above
    Around each corner ‘
    An adventure,
    A discovery,
    To delight the soul.

    Specialist of understory
    Holly is there
    Dogwood also

    But look, shrubs, saplings and fresh blooms too

    Marvelous scent emanating from the haiku

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    1. It is a heart charming bouquet from nature’s garden. Your reflections are wonderful splashes of beauty. Glad you enjoyed the shrubs and saplings’ fragrant verses.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

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