Glass Walls – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

Upper-Level Entrance, Saint Chapelle, Paris France: Image credit: © Araceli Oviedo Ulla | Dreamstime

a fervent king builds

glass skeleton walls raising

another King’s crown


With a stone sculpture of Christ in the middle column (the trumeau) and scenes of the last judgment surrounding the 10 feet (three-meter) high wooden doors, Sainte Chapelle, in Paris France greets 900,000 visitors annually.

The spectacular chapel authorized by the fervently pious French King (Louis IX) was built to house two Passion relics (the crown of thorns and a piece of the cross). Sainte Chapelle was completed in 1248 AD and is famous for its lavish 15th-century stained glass windows.

The featured door close up and the back side of the door, Sainte Chapelle, 2nd level entrance below:

Sainte Chapelle, Paris, Upper-Level Entrance. © Image credit: Katya Palladina | Alamy

Inside view of Sainte Chapelle, Upper-level doors below:

The back side of the doors, Sainte Chapelle, Paris. Image credit: Sharon Mollerus | flicker CC2.0

Trivia: Sainte Chapelle‘s 106 feet height (32.5 meters) structure is supported by 15 intricate full-color glass panels depicting Old and New Testament stories. Each of the 15 panels is 15 meters (40 feet) high and supports Sainte Chapelle as its load-bearing “walls.”

Each of the stained glass walls/windows is interlaced by a network of stone braces much like a skeleton that supports a body’s form (image below).

Stain glass walls and stone Skeleton holding up the ribbed vault, Sainte Chapelle, Paris. Image credit:  © Chun Ju Wu | Dreamstime

The crown of thorns and other passion-related relics have long since been moved to the treasury vault at Notre Dame Cathedral a “stone’s throw” away from Sainte Chapelle.

However, there is still plenty for the lengthy lineups of Sainte Chapelle’s daily visitors to see, in this beyond-exquisite royal glass chapel (see wider angle below)

Sainte Chapelle, Paris France. Image credit: © Alexandre Fagundes De Fagundes | Dreamstime

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45 thoughts on “Glass Walls – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

  1. Those are wonderful doors, Suzette, but the interior is 100% amazing. So much glass – artwork put to work – that would be incredible today. For the 13th and 15th century, it boggles the mind. Thank you for your lovely poem and history.

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    1. Thank you, Dan! The Chapelle is astonishing. It’s a place I would love to see in person.
      The skill of the crafts persons to accomplish such beauty is awe-inspiring.
      Thank you for hosting ThursdayDoors. Much appreciated!

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  2. Such a magnificent chapelle with stained glass windows! I always wonder how people might have built such gorgeous places in those ancient times. So beautiful, Suzette! And so is the door and your haiku!

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    1. Yes, It is spectacular and opulent.
      I, too, wonder and marvel at the talent, skill, and passion of the builders so long ago. Their work still standing up beautifully to Time. Glad you enjoyed.

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