Lions – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

Portal of the Lions, Toledo Cathedral Spain. Image credit: © Saaaaa | Dreamstime

bronze doors wood shields

zeal enters the narrow gate

in the path of lions


Considered by some experts as the magnum opus of Spanish Gothic Architecture and the second-largest church in Spain, the Primatial Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo (Toledo Cathedral A.D. 1493) is the main cathedral in a city considered by some to reflect the “soul of Spain” due to Toledo’s over 1000 years of unflappable religious zeal.

Closeup – Portal of the Lions, Toledo Cathedral, Spain. Image Credit: miralex | istockphoto

The doors featured above are in a relatively newer part of Toledo Cathedral’s facade. The Portal of the Lions (1460 – 1466) was named for the lion sculptures on the iron gate in front of these doors.

These bronze doors are 35 panels surrounded by a wealth of stone carvings that illustrate the life of Mary, her genealogy, and her ascension/coronation.

**This post is also featuring the other side of this week’s door.

The inside view of the Portal of Lions (see images below) shows how the bronze plates seen at the front of the doors are protected from wear and tear by wood panels nailed to the doors’ 35 bronze plates. The rose stained-glass window, barely visible on the facade, is in full view inside.

Interior of Portal of the Lions, Toledo Cathedral. Image credit: © Igor Abramovych | Dreamstime

Closeup of the back of the featured door: Portal of Lions, Toledo Cathedral:

The back side – The Portal of Lions: Toledo Cathedral. Image credit: © Leochen66 | Dreamstime

Interior near – Main Entrance doors, Toledo Cathedral. Image credit: © Bruce Whittingham | Dreamstime

Trivia: Much of Toledo’s Cathedral is beyond opulent. Every section/wall is embellished with intricate gilded fabric-like carvings.

Note for example (image below): the screen separating the choir from Toledo Cathedral’s main chapel.

The screen between the choir and the main chapel, Toledo Cathedral, Spain. Image credit: Graeme Churchyard | flickr CC2.0

Wider angle, Toledo Cathedral, Spain below:

Toledo Cathedral, Spain. Image credit:  © Pavel Kirichenko | Dreamstime


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54 thoughts on “Lions – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

    1. I did not mention it but this church is built where a mosque once stood. Several Mudéjar (Muslims of Spain in the early centuries AD) influences in the architecture can be seen…most notably the taller tower (see wider angle photo) is reminiscent of a minaret.

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  1. Toledo of my heart! When I studied in Spain, we were just around the corner from the cathedral. I could see the cathedral tower from a third floor window, where I would secretly practice singing flamenco. Love your verse: “zeal enters the narrow gate” – reminds me of the eye of the needle and the wealthy man.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad that the sharing of this fabulous cathedral brought good memories to mind. It is the best one can hope for..
      And as always, you are spot on in your discerning of the reference to the “wealthy man” passage.

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  2. Ornate gilded opulent domed
    For Mary and Toledo

    The contrasting feelings in the haiku are beautifully brocaded
    Coupled with the powerful interlacing of zest.

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  3. I like that closeup of the portals/doors, Suzette. May we always enter God’s house with zeal. It always amazes me how many different styles of churches there are. Of course these days, the government isn’t paying to build cathedrals which also rather changes things. 🙂

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  4. Thank you for taking me to Spain. Never been there.
    I wish such places would rent giant skateboards that you can rest your back on and stare at the ceiling for as much as you wish, and not for as long as your neck allows you to. 😉✨️

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