The King – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

Royal Portal, West Entrance, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France. Image credit: © clodio | istock

Gothic style’s ascent

portal frames a kingdom

rib vaults crown The King


Consecrated in 1260, the site of the coronation of a king (Henry IV, 1594) and enthusiastically restored for centuries, rises the monument that is upheld as the most complete example of the transition from Early to High Gothic Architecture— Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres (Chartres Cathedral) in Chartres, France.

The Royal Portal or Western facade and its wooden doors featured above miraculously survived the Cathedral’s 1194 fire.

Royal Portal, Chartres Cathedral, Center Doors closeup below:

Middle Doors, Royal Portal Chartres Cathedral. Image credit: Steve Cadman | Flickr CC2.0

This Western facade’s claim to fame is that it is, according to experts, the only surviving intact architectural record of the transition from early to high gothic style, as evidenced by the elaborate stone carvings around these doors. The ornate carvings depict the birth, ministry, and ascension of Christ (angled photo showing some of the sculptures below).

Royal Portal, West Entrance, Chartres Cathedral. Image credit:  © RomanBabakin

Trivia: As mentioned, the restoration of Chartres Cathedral has been fastidious. Chartres is considered one of the best-preserved Cathedrals in France.

Controversy surrounds Chartres Cathedral’s last (2009) multi-million Euros restoration project that involved painting the exposed interior limestone pillars and wood carvings— back to their original colors— a move some restoration experts considered “scandalous.”

Chartres Cathedral, the ribbed vaults (restored to their original colors), below:

Image credit: © Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

On August 16, 1944 (World War II) Chartres Cathedral was spared from an Allied forces order for its destruction, thanks to the bravery of one American Colonel and one unknown volunteer who together risked their lives during the “Battle of Chartres” to prove that The Cathedral was not being used as an enemy spy lookout.

At 10,875 square meters (117,060 sq ft) ground-level photos do little justice to its grandeur —Aerial photos of Chartres Cathedral, are below:

Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France. Image credit:
Chartres Cathedral, Chartres France. Image credit: © Merowig | Flickr


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61 thoughts on “The King – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

  1. 🏰rib vaults crown The King🏰

    Hush you have let out the result beforehand

    🏰Chartres is considered one of the best-preserved Cathedrals in France.🏰

    Stunning doors

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  2. Wow! Suzette, this is a wonderful structure. Even the thought that someone wanted to destroy it makes me mad. I am so glad those brave men risked their lives to save it. While I would not normally be in favor of painting woodwork, if they were restoring the original color, I think it was the right thing to do. It must be an amazing experience to walk through those grand entrances and look around the interior.

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    1. A marvelous structure indeed. The attention to detail in crafting and maintaining this cathedral is staggering! I agree with your feelings about the mindset of war. To even think of destroying such a place…sad indeed.
      I did not mention it, but outside of the “experts” the restoration of the original colors has received rave reviews!
      Thank you Dan for hosting ThursdayDoors, I know I say this every week. I do appreciate.

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  3. Amazing! The aerial photos highlight the twin spires, much like St. Helena Cathedral in Montana. Your Haiku always opens the wonder of what each of these posts will share. The story behind its rescue from certain destruction during war attests to man’s faith to take the extra steps necessary.

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  4. How beautiful, Suzette. I really appreciated this trip over to France and checking out the cathedral as I’ve been grounded recently with some health issues. Going through the posts at Thursday Doors is really perking me up.
    Best wishes,

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  5. Oh my Suzette, just when I think I have seen the most beautiful of doors you share a new one. What amazing architecture. The stained glass is fit for a King. I love the stone pillars and wood with glass so stunning of the Chatres Cathedral. Thanks for sharing it with us. 💞

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