Reset – Haiku 2023 #Moonwashed Weekly

Image credit: Albrecht Fietz | Pixabay

Februarys footprints

violet reset dust transforming

Spring’s idyllic march


In response to #Moonwashed Weekly #131 – Idyllic – February 21, 2023

Published by Suzette Benjamin

Positive thinker, inspirational, writer, faith

72 thoughts on “Reset – Haiku 2023 #Moonwashed Weekly

      1. You penned that so skilfully and cleverly. I don’t know why; I felt I didn’t get it, so I reread it. I must confess I am not too good at understanding poetry unless, of course, it is ‘Jack and Jill’ or ‘Humpty Dumpty’; wait, I don’t think I even really understood their finer nuances.

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  1. Lady bugs, heart’s
    Valentine, scarlet’s violet
    Paris in spring time.

    Oh yes, march the great reset
    Winter packing up ready to say goodbye
    I love the scent of the haiku

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