37 thoughts on “Eclipse – Haiku 2023

  1. Wow
    These brain waves,
    I can feel how the heart first flutters, then settles
    before being scooped up by the beat and rhythm of the orbit
    And the mind breaks through
    Which night of the moon was this?

    Magical Haiku

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    1. Brilliant reflection! I had not thought of that connection to the mind. Fabulous point and true. The body has several “mind” centres…not all are physically situated in the cranium.
      Regarding “which night of the moon?”
      Friday, Feb 17, the moon was waxing at 28% (just a sliver of light crescent)
      Thank you!

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      1. Ah, brilliant portrayal of the moon on this night, glorious in colour too.

        Yes, this is true
        I love the term mind centres
        And surely the heart is one of them
        The seat of eternity.

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