48 thoughts on “Soul Tattoos – Haiku 2023

  1. Remarkable, the haiku reminds me of the series Kaleidescope, which can be watched in one night
    You and I (everyone) will start the first episode with the colour black and end with the last episode which is the colour white.
    Orange, red, green and yellow are mixed(we don’t see these colours at the same time) so we all see the story from a different angle until the final episode which ends in white.

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      1. I was referring to the series Kaleidescope.
        When you start watching all of us are introduced to the chapter black. Thereafter all the colours will follow, in random order. So in the second episode you may be watching the chapter orange and I the chapter blue, and this will go on for the next episode, then you maybe watching blue and I could be watching violet. So we never watching the same chapters until the final episode which brings the story together, which is called chapter white .

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