Open Heart – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

Bronze outer doors, Main Entrance, Sacre Coeur Basilica Paris, France. Image Credit: © Jeromecorreia | Dreamstime

hilltop penance

doors ringing bells, open hearts with

thunderous hooves


At the third highest point in Paris, France, (after the Eiffel Tower and Tour Montparnasse) rests Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur).

Built between 1875 and 1914 on the summit of Paris’ Montmartre, this Byzantine-Romanesque Basilica, dedicated to the city’s “penance” for its unfortunate involvement in prior wars and conflicts, was consecrated in 1919 (after World War I).

The main entrance bronze doors are 3.7 m (12 ft) tall and depict intricate reliefs of events in the life of Christ. Behind these bronze doors are a set of wood doors (featured below)

Second set of doors behind the bronze entrance doors, Sacre Coeur Basilica. Image Credit: © Wirestock | Dreamstime

Trivia: 10 million people visit Basilica Sacre Coeur each year. One of the spectacles they come to see is the largest wall mosaic in France (images below).

Apse Mosaic, Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris France. Image credit: © Olha Karpovych | Dreamstime
Apse mosaic wider angle, Sacre Coeur Basilica: Image credit: © Mistervlad | Dreamstime

The 475 square meter (5,112 square feet) mosaic depicts the risen Christ with a glowing gold heart. At the base of the mosaic in Latin, the inscription reads: “To the Sacred Heart of Jesus, France fervent, penitent and grateful.”

The second famous attraction at Basilica Sacre Coeur is the largest church bell in France named La Savoyarde. La Savoyarde weighs in at a whopping 25,000 kilograms and was made from 16,500 kilograms of bronze. The clapper inside the bell weighs another 850 kilograms.

Because there had been no transports powerful enough to deliver the massive bell upon its completion on October 16, 1895, the bell was delivered by a team of 28 horses.

Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris – Wider Angles Below:

Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris France: Image credit: planetofhotels
Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris France: Image Credit: Tonchino | Wikimedia CC 3.0

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      1. Oh wow, that would be a trot uphill; the best horses must’ve been reigned to carry the bell to the place of penance.
        Thank you Poet.
        You are most welcome.

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  1. I have been to the Sacre Coeur and immediately, I was captivated by the architecture, the reverence and peacefulness of the Basilica. The view is breathtaking.
    Thank you for your post. It brought back great memories of a fantastic trip to Francre.

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  2. Years ago l was in my twenties on a weekend trip to Paris for a break from work and l was mugged on the stairs of Sacre Coeur . At the bottom of the stairs used to be many craft stores, or people selling their wares on rugs on the pavement. I remember having the thief trying to take my wallet and three rug sellers running up the stairs to see him off, but as he went he pushed me towards them and we all fell and rolled down the stairs [thundering hooves of our own] … funny where memories take us.

    Nicely done, wonderful haiku

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