Lantern – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

West Main Entrasnce, Cathedral Saint Etienne (The Metz Cathedral) Lorraine France. Image credit: © Joost Adriaanse | Alamy

kitted out in glass

sun moon and legend candles

risen lantern gleams


Built atop a fifth-century chapel reputed to house the remains of Saint Stephen, rises the neogothic-style architecture of Saint-Etienne Cathedral (Metz Cathedral). Its original construction began in the early 1200’s and was completed in 1552. Work continued with various additions, and subtractions until the early twentieth century.

The intricate sculptures surrounding the Western entrance doors of “The Last Judgment” (featured above) were constructed out of Jaumont Stone, a yellowish limestone, famous in the Metz region of France. This stone gives the Western portal its slightly yellowish gleam.

Close-up details, The main doors, The Metz Cathedral below:

Close up: Main Doors The Metz Cathedral, Lorraine France. Image credit: Zairon | Wikimedia CC 4.0

Legend: Legend or myth has it that the townsfolk of Metz tell of a dragon called a Graoully that terrorized the city in the 3rd century. St. Clement came to the rescue banishing the dragon to the nearby river. The legend is still celebrated annually in the town on April 15 -16.

Trivia: The Metz Cathedral is ranked number one in the world for its colossal 6,496 m2 (69,920sq. ft) surface area of intricate stained glass windows proclaiming biblical narratives in full color.

Light through the Metz Cathedral’s copious stained glass windows inspired french poet Verlaine (author of “Clair de lune”) to nickname the cathedral “The Lantern of God.”

Nave, The Metz Cathedral, Lorraine France. Image credit: Pierre-Selim Huard | Wikimedia CC

Rose Window, The Metz Cathedral Lorraine France. Image credit: Christophe EYQUEM | Freeimages CC 3.0

Wider angle, The Metz Cathedral, Lorraine France:

The Metz Cathedral, Lorraine France. Image credit: Fred Romero | Flickr


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54 thoughts on “Lantern – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

  1. I didn’t fully understand your first line–“kitted out in glass”–until I got down to the interior pictures. Wow, that is such a magnificent image. It must literally be awe inspiring to stand inside. Your poem brings that feeling to life. Very nicely done. I enjoyed this post very much, Suzette.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with your word awe-inspiring and with Liz on “breathtaking” two perfect descriptives for the cathedral’s interior. I would be so gobsmacked if I visited the Metz Cathedral in person, I wouldn’t know where to feast my gaze.
      I am happy that you enjoyed the share.
      Thank you for hosting ThursdayDoors.

      Liked by 1 person

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