Tradition – A Poem in Free Verse #PoetryChallenge

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Black-eyed peas ‘n rice cookup pot

New Year’s tradition; hope spoonfuls

Of someday by and by,

when islands of dreams

wash ashore that pot of invisible gold;

food that earthly riches can never buy.


In response to Rebecca Cuningham – FakeFlamenco – January Poetry challenge. Your New Year tradition in free verse 5-7 lines #fpoemapop

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47 thoughts on “Tradition – A Poem in Free Verse #PoetryChallenge

  1. Freedom
    I love how you expressed that hope, aspiration and longing for freedom
    Inspired by the goodluck tradition

    “In Africa, black-eyed peas would have been either boiled and eaten with rice, or fried and eaten with rice and fried plantains.”

    The someday by and by.
    Freedom, more precious than rubies, silver or gold.

    Spoonfuls, yes every little bit counted and still counts today.

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    1. Yes indeed, freedom is more precious than food as many of our ancestors of many cultures well know.
      And hoping for the Source to keep one free once freedom is found is noble indeed.

      Yes, that is done in the Caribbean, too, with the black-eyed peas, fried with a side of fried plantains and meat stew, if one can afford meat.

      Happy Sunday blessings.

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      1. Yes, the Caribbean in itself is a complete narrative of West African Culture also the umbilical chord they share with Canada and America.

        Happy Sunday Blessings too.

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  2. When I make black beans & rice in the future, your poem will come to mind. Faith, hope, and love ARE invisible riches. Without the Impossible and the Invisible, our everyday would leave us poor and starving indeed.

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    1. Thank you Gary! I am glad that that point resonated. That is a cultural piece from my own experience. The idea that if bits of my dream come true and we are all one; then, parts of your dreams come true as well.

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