The Past – A Limerick

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You wonder why

archaeology is often reported in dismay

startled even by its finds and discoveries;

isn’t it supposed to dig up past histories

and startle us with similarities to today?

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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54 thoughts on “The Past – A Limerick

  1. To dig or not to dig
    skeletons, pots and bits of shiny metal
    understanding the lives of those who came before
    do we need these answers in this age?

    Wishing you a wonderful new years eve
    And a Happy Blessed New YearπŸ™πŸΌ

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      1. We thirst and we thirst
        We thirst
        It’s installed in us to excavate, uncover and discover
        Our earth, the galaxies
        And the human mind
        We believe there is more to find
        The question you pose remains…

        I embrace your new year’s note

        God will take care
        And so will we.
        Thank you, so much.

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    There once was a lady named Suzette
    Whose poetry was always a good bet

    She wrote new things each day
    And had lots of things to say

    That charming young lady, Suzette

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