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second comes first

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The Evil You Choose, the second book (but the first) in author Dan Antion‘s Dream Alliance series whets the reader’s imaginative appetite for the mystical. This reader’s interest slackened not from the prologue to the final jot.

Powerful connections drawn from loved ones (real and imagined) form the bedrock of the story’s character development/relationships. Lucid dreaming and the nether realms of human consciousness have found good purchase in this otherwise new investigative “technique” author Dan Antion has created. A riveting and ground-breaking read that (in my opinion), will not disappoint.


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46 thoughts on “Book Review – A Haibun

  1. Unusual book review
    Summed up with a few haiku words

    The title of the book reminds me of the following verse in the bible

    “See, I have put before you today, life and death and goodness and evil. … I am giving you a choice”

    Sounds like a cutting-edge technique although I’ve read stories or accounts I should rather say of how clairvoyants were employed to solve mysteries.

    Lucid dreaming seems to compliment this technique of seeing and finding.

    Your haiku also awakens the text from the new testament this time:

    Matthew 20:16 KJV – So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

    So am I made to understand that his second book is the reader’s choice and bestseller, but the first should not be overlooked ?

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    1. Ah! You nailed everything!! Yes to all your reflections on this sharing.
      I had an idea to present the book review in this format. I know it is not the usual milieu but…you know how I do..hehee..😊

      Yes, the investigative technique using lucid dreaming is unique, although many well known writers set the or a dream as a focal point for a storyline.
      Really awesome book.
      Thank you for your always discerning comments.
      Happy Thursday before Christmas!

      Yes to the title’s impressions of the choice between good and evil…certainly addressed in the book, subtley in the moral and ethical dilemmas in which some characters find themselves in the storyline.

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      1. Wonderful! It’s a haibun of course. Super form for a short book review. Excellent idea.
        Mhm, you have the knack for the unusual
        The book sounds interesting indeed. Thank you for this unique share. I will definitely do some more reading.
        The evil we choose, riveting title that knocks me right there in the solar plexus. !!

        Happy Thursday Poet, and happy holidays. Thank you.

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  2. Intriguing book idea Suzette. I’m going to look for that one.
    I remember that sunset settling between the hill profile of the horizon and nestling all colorful in the barren winter oak branches. fun mysterious picture to match the book

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    1. Thank you Gary. I hunted for a suitable photo to match the book’s genre and yours lept to the front. I like how you framed the sunset in the trees, so mystical. Great capture. And thank you for sharing your talented photos on Unsplash. I really appreciate that. πŸ™

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  3. Thank you so very much, Suzette. I can’t think of a better review than to have one created in poetry. This made me feel so good. I love the way you described the book. Your reaction and recommendation mean so much. Thanks again.

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