Muse – Haiku 2022 -#Moonwashed Weekly

Image credit: Bonnie Kolarik | Pixabay

blurring winter’s blast

soft frost’s exquisite muse

pane fern folios


In response to #Moonwashed Weekly Prompt 120 – Exquisite – December 5, 2022

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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37 thoughts on “Muse – Haiku 2022 -#Moonwashed Weekly

  1. Gorgeous, sparkling and
    enchanting in the midst of a blizzard
    “soft frost’s exquisite muse” 👏👏👏- magic!!!
    Winter is giving.

    Pane fern folios – you nailed it. 👏

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  2. I agree, “fern folios” is perfect! Once you’ve experienced them, you never forget. I like how you contrast the soft muse experienced indoor with the winter blast outdoor. Feels cozy and lends itself to stories of when….

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