Oath – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

Main Doors, Basilica Salute, Venice Italy – Image credit: © imagoDens | Alamy


stemming the tide with an oath

steps out of water


Built (1631- 1687) by the Venetian Senate, in fulfillment of an oath to God for ending the plague that had swept through much of Italy and had arrived in Venice, stands Basilica Santa Maria della Salute (Salute), Venice, Italy.

Basilica Salute‘s main entrance steps (circa 1687) were created by the cathedral’s designer, Baldassare Longhena to appear as an illusion— as though the steps are emerging from the waters of the Grand Canal of the San Marco basin, Venice upon which this basilica is built.

These grand wooden doors are 10.6 m (35 feet) high and a cumulative 4.5 m (15 feet) wide. They are ensconced between two massive Corinthian columns culminating in an arch over the doors (closeup below). These main doors are opened only for the centuries-old annual celebration in thanksgiving for the end of the plague observed every November 21.

Main Entrance doors, Basilica Salute, Venice, Italy – Image credit: © valio84sl | istockphoto

Trivia: Basilica Salute emblematic Baroque architecture has influenced art, and culture since its November 9, 1687 consecration:-

a) Home to famous works such as Titian’s ceiling painting of David and Goliath, Basilica Salute has inspired artists for centuries. Claude Monet’s famous (1908) interpretation of Basilica Salute (see below) fetched $35M at a Southeby’s auction in 2015.

Claude Monet’s painting Basilica Salute, Venice – Image credit: Claude Monet – Beyeler Foundation, Public Domain images

b) If the domes of Basilica Salute look familiar (see wider angles below), they have been featured in movies including Casino Royale (James Bond 007), and Far from home (Spider-Man).

Basilica Salute Venice Italy wider angles:

Basilica Salute Venice Italy – Image credit: Tayla Bundschuh | Unsplash
Basilica Salute, Venice Italy – Image credit: pexels | pixabay
Basilica Salute, Venice Italy – Image credit: all-free-photos CC0


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55 thoughts on “Oath – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

    1. Thank you, my friend. Happy Thursday. Sending continued healing vibes as you make room in this new year of life for blessings on all levels.
      P.s. I have no idea why I wrote what I just wrote…it just popped into my mind, my friend😊

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  1. I love the way you create a post with beautiful photos, a delightful dose of history (often new to me subjects) and a lovely poem. Thank you Suzette for giving me something to enjoy this morning.

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  2. I believe the deliverance ministry is the most liberating. A ministry which takes you to the point of swiftly severing with the past, and disembarking on a new journey; exactly in the way you penned that wonderful feeling – “steps out of water”

    Amazing how the church and the artists relates to God upon taking an oath and activating it.

    Stunning architecture, particularly the steps leading to the cathedral.
    Awesome feeling expressed.

    Now I remember those scenes from the movie Casino Royale, fascinating to become acquainted with the meaning of the steps and doors, the oath as a whole through your haiku.
    Lovely to see Monet’s painting as well.
    Venice/Italy, how romantic.

    Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, beautiful nam and doors.

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    1. Your discernment is always on point. Well said, the swerving from the past, the severing of ties to the past that no longer serve one’s highest good…Deliverance, indeed!

      Yes, keeping an oath an entire city doing so…phenomenal faith, I think. They still observe ii in their annual commeration.

      Regarding Monet…you are spot on with the word “romantic”‘ 👍

      Happy Thursday. Blessings.

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      1. Thank you Poet.
        As always your Thursday door is a fascinating read.
        The Church and architecture is a marvelous history to explore.

        Happy Thanksgiving ♥
        Have an awesome day.

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