Count Steps – Haiku 2022 #TGIF

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an app may count steps

only you know which strides

climbed mountain tops


In response to Paula’s Light Motifs II – #TGIF – November 19, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Count Steps – Haiku 2022 #TGIF

  1. Such a cool app and then they have such cute names for it, I found out –
    Pacer. Pacer. …Fitbit. Fitbit. …CharityMiles. Charity Miles. …Sweat. Sweat. …
    The smartphones can do so much

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    1. Yes, the names are fun and the apps do a good service. Smartphones are as their names suggest. Quite time savers.
      Happy weekend. Blessings! I was out and about and catching up with chores, so my replies are late today.


  2. So true. When I was young, long before apps, I began counting steps as a mental discipline and distraction from pain while portaging lake to lake in the wilderness. I could portage 2000 steps with out stopping to rest, with a pack and canoe (including stair step rocky trails and sinking bog steps) in my prime.
    Now those steps would be my last if I tried that. Most trips were 30-40 portages over 6-10 days long. I get older thinking about it.

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    1. I can’t imagine portaging a small pond with a paper canoe much less what you endured. I hope that it was for adventure at least, then there is an accomplishment in that effort.
      Six to ten days! That is a pilgrimage as well. My goodness. Bless you for doing it.
      Glad that the poem resonated. Peace and blessings to you Gary.

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