32 thoughts on “Beaver Moon – Haiku 2022

  1. I don’t know what happened
    I missed this story of the beaver moon yesterday
    It never showed up in my inbox.

    I’m not to late though,
    Immersing into slipstreams of consciousness
    That’s a wonderful way of expressing
    And making one’s desires known.
    Pleased to meat you too
    Beaver Moon

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    1. Oh, no worries. Over here we switched to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday Nov 5. I messed up some of my scheduled posts.
      My apologies😊

      No not too late at all.
      It’s a rare moon because it occurs this time along With a lunar eclipse. The next similar event will be in 2025.

      Glad you enjoyed the introduction to the Beaver Moon.
      Happy Tuesday!

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      1. No problem either.
        Thanks for letting me know.

        Oh great, I wonder if I will get a sighting before the beaver goes into hibernation.
        With our grey skies and rainy days,
        I don’t know.
        Will look out for the images on the internet tonight.

        Thank you Poet.
        Happy Tuesday to you tooπŸ™‚

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