Blossom – Haiku 2022 #Moonwashed Weekly

Image credit: D. Jacob | Pixabay

autumn sheaths blossom

transcending impossible light

reviving dried dreams


In response to #Moonwash Weekly Prompt – Transcending – November 1, 2022

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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44 thoughts on “Blossom – Haiku 2022 #Moonwashed Weekly

  1. Ah, I get that the darkness gives way to light, and that the light seeds dreams, blossoming them into our further reality. Such a beautiful poem, Suzette. Happy coming Thursday, my friend!

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    1. Yes, Jeff so true our dreams blossom even within us and even when we think they are forgotten/dried. Light is like water to our dreams nurturing their seeds..
      Thank you for your generosity of spirit to resonate with the poems on many wonderful levels. It means a lot. Thank you, my friend. Cheers.
      Happy Thursday!


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