Shopping – Haiku 2022 #WDYS 158

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with change in view

fear comparison shopping

destiny’s aisle


In response to Sadje’s #WDYS 158 – October 31, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Shopping – Haiku 2022 #WDYS 158

  1. Shopping is a necessary part of modern life

    Intrusive and uncontrollable -compulsive buying lead to marked distress and impaired personal, financial, and social functioning

    Terrible and debilitating
    Humans tend to make bad comparisons

    A change of scenery on the otherhand is simply wonderful

    A stunning poetic view.

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    1. A wonderful meditation! You have stated well so wise truths.
      Yes, the urge to make comparisons about an unknown destiny using the limited and incomplete understanding one thinks they Now have is perhaps not gain.

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      1. Yes!!! thank you for expanding your thoughts on an unknown destiny
        And where the comparison lies
        Lack of understanding spoils or destroys everything
        I was more focused on a change of scenery.
        Exquisite interpretation of the image.
        An interesting prompt.
        Thank you poet. πŸ™‚

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