51 thoughts on “Maple Lace – Haiku 2022

      1. Hi sadje You are just a happy woman , your smiles says it all but your profile didn’t say much about you. I like happy people and I will be glad to know you more and probably know beyond here. Feel free to text or call me I will be happy to speak to you. Thanks and hope to hear you soon

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  1. Such an incredibly breath-taking ecstacy
    Such a delicate fabric made of the maples leafs cotton
    Lace is such a stunning fabric as well threaded in an open weblike pattern.
    The hand-knitted ones are imperfectly perfect, so too the needled ones.

    Beautiful Autumn Bliss Poetry
    Makes my hands quite itchy
    To get down to some handwork.

    Mindful exploration while they knit.

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    1. Lace is so amazing, antique and yet so modern, creative and yet almost magical mysteriousity. You are right just the word “lace” carries with it the weight of a thousand metaphors!
      So pleased that the poem resonated. It is a pleasure to read your discerning comments.

      Happy Wednesday!

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