Secrets – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice Italy – Main Entrance – Image credit: © Ivan Vander Biesen | Dreamstime

copper clad secrets

dipping in floods sanctifying

a city’s baptism


Reportedly aging “twenty years in a day” from flooding of the Adriatic Sea (60 times a year) right up to its front doors (see image below), stands the opulent 8000-square-mile-gold-inlaid Basilica di San Marco a Venezia (St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice).

Built to protect the reportedly once stolen and subsequently repatriated remains of Saint Mark, the basilica’s construction began in 1063 AD (two other much earlier versions preceded the present church). The completed church was dedicated on October 8, 1094 AD.

The basilica’s two “bronze” doors at its main entrance pictured above are not what they seem. They are late 10th-century wooden doors encased in bronze and copper grills, lifted/spoils from the conquest of Constantinopole (circa 1453 AD). See doors’ closeup below:

St. Mark’s Basilica Venice = Main Doors Closeup – Image credit: Carlo Raso | Flickr

Trivia: Recent (2021) multi-million Euro efforts to protect the basilica by constructing a massive glass wall to stem the Adriatic Sea’s encroachment, have been stymied by funding delays.

Saint Mark’s Basilica Wider angle, flooding in the main square towards the church‘s entrance below:

Saint Mark’s Basilica Rome, Venice Italy flooding in the square in front of the building – Image credit: © Fedecandoniphoto | Dreamstime

Saint Mark’s Basilica Wider angle below:

St. Marks’s Basilica, Venice – Image credit: © Scaliger | Dreamstime

Written for Dan Antion @No Facilites – #ThursdayDoors

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52 thoughts on “Secrets – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

  1. That’s a magnificent cathedral and doors and I love your haiku. Imagine surviving against these particular elements for a thousand years. I hope they can find the funding to complete the shield. Thanks for another great entry, Suzette.

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    1. Yes, I hope that it can survive more generations. So much creative hands built it. Those treasures are more precious than all the gold in the world.
      Thank you Dan for hosting Thursday Doors. And thnk you for your visits and generous comments

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  2. Love you haiku and that last shot. The basilica is all nothing if not opulent!! The shot with the flooding reminds me too much of what’s happening in Florida right now and poor Cuba. I’ve read about the aqua alta in Venice, rather a routine happening but probably not usually as high as in the photo, at least I hope not!


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    1. True, my heart goes out to those in the path of hurricanes. So much is lost.
      St. Marks is a stunning example of grand crafting and highly visited as a result.
      I hope they can stem the water to save this grand church.
      Thank you.

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  3. Me too, I hope that the country can find the funds to save the cathedral.

    Stunning image of the main doors.
    True, the oceans are so powerful one can never tell when a baptism is on its way, so cautiously laid out in your beautiful wording.

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  4. This beautiful poem reminds me of how secrets can manifest within a form, whether that be a building or person, and of the liberation that comes from working through our deepest and darkest secrets. A gorgeous poem. Happy coming Friday, Suzette.

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    1. Absolutely my friend. Coming to terms with secrets is indeed liberating. At the very least, a burden (the secret) is lifted whatever the other outcomes may be.
      Thank you dear friend for your generous support and fabulous insight.
      Happy Friday!

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