Abundance – A Poem in Free Verse #PoetryChallenge

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I hear the abundance of that grazing Chinook across the plains of Valhalla north!

I hear the abundance of wheat fields in the land of plenty waving at mistrals swirling threshing chaff into the midday sky unfettering ripen seeds.

I hear the abundance of bora’s chilly wails from the north waiting in the wings for winter’s breath to offer a flowing handkerchief.

I hear the abundance of zephyr’s chariot his cape fluttering among the clouds moving the ether to bowls of tearsβ€” the rain in its season.


Written for Rebecca Cuningham’s Monthy Poetry Challenge. In this month’s challenge, we are prompted to write a free verse poem of up to eight lines on the topic: “a breeze, head-wind, or tornado.” The poem must follow the form of an anaphora (repetition of words or words in successive lines/phrases).

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  1. Ahh, I love the connection you’ve made between abundance and the wind. It’s so true. The wind delivers so many things, from the most subtle, to the most devastating, yet always abundant in its delivery, which should be honored. Lovely poem, Suzette. Happy Saturday!

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