31 thoughts on “Time – Haiku 2022

  1. My mind is still buzzing to capture the essence
    Especially “syncing self-portraits” since your face changes overtime, it feels highly impossible.

    Obviously the image influences how I read your words since they are linked.

    Please help
    I need guidance
    Just a tip.

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    1. Ah yes the photo is quite interesting. It is the same person Photoshoped as two faces.
      Time is link to self knowledge/awareness. We become…only time. And from the now one sees how far they have come…in character etc.


      1. Ok, a fantasy picture.

        I couldn’t establish the link to your thoughts and message which on its own is a concrete, real and natural observation.
        If her face had grown old overtime then I would’ve been able to understand the march of time in terms of strength or even weakness of character.
        Lines tell a story, so do smiles and scars.

        Oh I’m talking too much
        It’s this uneasiness that I never got it like the majority of the readers here.

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      2. I understand. Sorry for the confusion with the image. I was (unlike most times) not offering a story. The idea was three separate things/notions that connect Time to the sense of self (sense of self on the inside).

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      3. Yes I see what you did.
        “Synching self-portraits”
        In relation to thr image threw me off.

        But leave that alone, I don’t think I would’ve been able to interpret the image in any case.

        Yes, time is the great equalizer.
        Looking honestly at character is daunting, so are the lines.

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