Amber Rain – Haiku 2022

Image credit: edith lüthi | Pixabay

summer’s crimson cools

autumn’s vivacious canvas

drizzles amber rain


Written for Eugenia’s #MoonwashedWeekly Challenge – Vivacious – August 30, 2022

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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34 thoughts on “Amber Rain – Haiku 2022

      1. Yes, so true, but the image is pregnant with the colours of autumn.
        The energy of transition or transformation is always a marvel to watch
        So good how it stirs the soul.

        Beautiful moments are really a treasure.

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    1. Thank you Jeff for n marvelous reflection as always. Yes indeed the connectedness of all things is highlighted, not diminished, by the coming and going of the seasons.
      Have a lovely weekend. Rest and recharge to you.

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      1. You’re welcome, Suzette. Always. Ah, indeed, that’s so true about the seasons and connectivity. Wonderful. Thank you, I’m looking forward to some much needed rest. Have a blissful weekend, my friend.

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