The Blues – A Poem

Image credit: Mystic Art Design / Pixabay
Western seagulls hang-glide blue skies.
Nearby, blue-tailed magpies
tilt their beaks
squinting, plotting,
sizing up,
my azure steed's hooves (my car tires),
eyeing the morsels
tucked in the tires' grooves.
While, apartment dwellers in skyscrapers
'sing the blues.'β€”
about trotting hooves
making beelines
for personal earlobe real estate.
Here's a prime example:
Mondays' eve, come mid-Winter
when HDTVs become ramparts
blasting sound volleys,
down-the-hall turrets;
pelting Hockey Night in Canada
play by play tooting horns
to the occasional goal, while
commercials toast with the popular staple:
beer or ale, Molson Canadian -
Labatts Blue, Cheers eh!

-In response to Paula’s Light Motifs II post **A New Poetry Form**

Published by Suzette Benjamin

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43 thoughts on “The Blues – A Poem

  1. 🚘my azure steed’s hooves (my car tires),🚘

    πŸ˜‚, good job you clarified the metaphor, this great imagining, I guarantee I would be lost unable to decipher

    Brilliant how you transitioned from the beautifil coastal blue to the rhythm of inner city blue.
    Labatts Blue, well cheers to youπŸ₯‚

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    1. Lol 🀣 It was fun to play the blues notes poetical.
      I wanted it to be a story more than a poem hence the explanation hopefully to add humor.
      Thanks for noticing the transition from coastal to city and from sky to skyscrapers…well spotted.
      Happy weekend.
      Oh yes, and Cheers eh! 🍻

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      1. As always, great poetic crafting Poet, one could literally feel that shift from one blues to another
        Then closing off with a choice of beer, keeping the blues theme.

        πŸ₯‚, cheers 🍻 too
        I’m sipping β˜•

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    1. Thank you, Liz. I hope it comes up to the creator’s exacting standards.
      It was fun regaling hockey…it is what we Canadians do best, or so I’m told. 🀣
      Blessings and a lovely weekend to you.

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  2. A wonderful ode to the many facets of life. I adore the apartment scene, the sharing of each other’s cheers through walls, a sense of community comes up and feels good. Lovely poem, Suzette.

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