64 thoughts on “Crossing – Haiku 2022

  1. Lol, the devil in the hooter.
    Stamping on the brakes!

    I simply love the orderliness of ducks and geese, also the other birds that belong to their waddle
    As they go about their daily business

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      1. Oh thank you Poet.
        Whenever I have the chance to meet them in a park, I simply love following them around to be part of the conversation and also to photograph them.
        Thank you πŸ™‚. Wishing you a blessed Friday too.

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  2. Nine Canada geese crossed the street in front of me the other day. I had stopped in the road to let them cross, but the goose in the back stopped in the middle of the road and looked directly at me while the others crossed. Once they were safely in the park, the one who stared at me went too. And, yes, they do honk without horns!

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