Sparks – A Gnomic Poem

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‘Inspiration, little sparks that set souls ablaze’

Ideas building thought pyramids drafting invisible architects

‘Ranking effort above the prize, love’s treasure’

Honoring lessons learned, instructing framed certificates β€”priceless


A gnomic poem is a four-line verse/stanza with aphorisms and sayings in one line which are then described or embellished in the proceeding lines. Here, the first and third lines are sayings you may have heard before (with a bit of poetic license for good measure). Lines two and four are their factual embellishments.

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49 thoughts on “Sparks – A Gnomic Poem

  1. Beautifully embellished
    Certificates always warms a child’s heart who receives the award.
    Although they can be a paper that offsets so much anxiety in other little hearts.

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      1. Yes, yet it is the only way we know or practice.
        Medals are however has always been endeared and received with much pride for the effort.
        It’s the double vision we have come to accept.

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  2. A joy to read you, always. This one reminds me of the deep well of creativity we have with us, and of the knowledge that everything we do is worth doing for the doing, not the results. Awesome poem, Suzette. Have a lovely weekend, dear friend.

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