59 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – August 3, 2022

  1. They doooo get it wrong.
    A family member was in such a precarious situation a couple of weeks ago.
    The two men fishing at the river, thank the lord, never spoke a word to her as she stood stranded at the lake. According to google maps she was on the right track, but the road to cross the river was under construction due to recent flooding.
    Stranded, she remained calm, nobody approached her, the fishermen continued fishing while she made her calls and the metro police together with her husband arrived.
    Then the fishermen came over. They said they would never have left her stranded.
    God is good, he is wonderful, the fishermen were her angels, because google did not get it right.

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      1. Amen, God has watched over her in many stages of her life. Honestly. God has been good to this family, no matter our ups and downs. Besides she has taken the road on her own at an early age. It was part of her job. I’m so thankful, so full of gratitude. And that morning I told her she has to be careful because floods has caused so much damage , it changed the whole terrain. I must say the metro police were on the ball. When they got the call from her hubby they remained in contact with her as they drove to reroute her out of the dead end. Her husband had to drive the car across the river and she had to take the other car so the police could escort her to dry land. My Heart!!!.

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