Certainty – A Gnomic Poem

Artist, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan standing next to his painting – Image credit: Tigran Tsitoghdzyan / Wikimedia CC 3.0

‘Nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact—’

fabrications masquerading as oracles in sage tunics.

Beware of accepting wooden nickels as change,

certainty— a mirage drifting in a sandstorm.


A gnomic poem is a four-line verse/stanza with aphorisms and sayings in one line which are then described or embellished in the proceeding lines. Here, the first and third lines are sayings you may have heard before (with a bit of poetic license from ‘yours truly’). Lines two and four are their embellishments.

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54 thoughts on “Certainty – A Gnomic Poem

  1. Gnomic Poetry, gave us an eye-opening lesson in Certainty.

    Love how the fingers became the nose
    Also the profound stripes on the finger markings
    painted muse –
    Certainty – just a fantasy

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    1. It is a remarkable piece of art indeed. What talent to “see” in the mind’s eye with some much gifting and then to paint in 3D.

      Glad that the poem resonated alongside the photo!

      Happy Friday. Blessings to the weekend on the doorstep.

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    1. 😊 Ashley Leia, that was the line that “dropped” into my mind which then sprouted the rest of the poem. You are always very discerning. Thank you!
      Happy Friday, doors to the weekend as they are. The days are still hot but not too unbearable here. Cheers

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  2. Ah, this reminds me to be wary of those people who think they know so much about how it all works, as we all know so much less than is knowable. Humbleness is apt here. Gorgeous poem, Suzette. Happy weekend, my friend.

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